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Our Mission

Blueberry Funding was founded in 2005 with the purpose of revitalizing aging Alaskan housing through private investments in sustainable rehabilitation projects. The Alaskan housing market faces many challenges unique to a cold weather environment, and much of the housing market available today wasn’t designed to withstand the extremes faced in Alaska. A large swathe of the housing market in Alaska is currently energy inefficient, in a state of disrepair, or overcrowded with an additional 2,066 newly built units per year required to fully meet Alaska’s housing needs by 2025. This offers incredible opportunities to local real estate investors to enter a market that has significant room for growth that doesn’t receive a lot of attention from institutional investors.

 We provide hard money loans at a competitive rate to local real estate investors, providing fast, no-hassle fix and flip, fix to rent, and bridge financing as well as the experience and connections to ensure success with every project. At Blueberry Funding, we have years of experience investing in the Alaskan market and have the knowledge and professional network to turn your next investment project into a success. Together we can revitalize the Alaskan housing market.

Our Projects

No-Hassle financing for your next investment

With custom loans and flexible underwriting, we have all of the tools to help the Alaskan real estate investor succeed in a market with unique challenges and opportunities. Learn more about our loan offers.

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